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Prius quam exaudias ne iudices Do not judge until you hear

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Profession of the legal counsel, which is one of the public trust professions, as well as ethical ideals and obligations shaped in the process of its practicing, form one of guarantees of implementing the principle of a democratic state of the law provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

The legal counsel plays a particular role in the Republic of Poland serving interests of the justice and persons who entrusted him or her with the vindication and protection of their rights and freedom. His/her obligations consist in scrupulous practicing as the legal counsel, as well as in observance of moral and ethical principles.

Practicing as the legal counsel imposes legal and ethical obligations to:
- clients
- courts and other authorities before which the counsel protects client's rights or represents the client
- other legal counsels and their professional self-government
- society, whose basic means to protect human rights lies in the existence of a free and independent profession related with the respect of principles laid down by its representatives